China Railway Fastening Parts Supplier

Kunshan Signum Machinery Technology Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of railway fastening parts from China. We are ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, We have long been engaged in supplying kinds of railway fastening parts in China, and exported to customers world wide. We have high reputation in our clientele, both domestic and international market. 


We adapts advanced manufacturing machinery including Automatic Universal testing machine for mechanical properties, Rockwell C hardness for strength of the material, Shadow graph for dimensions, Metallographic image automatic analysis machine, Metal element analysis machine for chemical compositions, automatic impact testing machine, fatigue testing machine, magnetic detector, salt spray test machine, zinc thickness meter. 


Our Staff have years of experience and higly qualified skills with more than ten years of expertise in the railway fastening designing, which ensures us to supply qualified products to our customers. 

Kunshan Signum Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd is located in the Kunshan City, which is a satellite city of Shanghai, covering an area of 12,000m². Approved by ISO9001:2008, our products are manufactured strictly according to the AREA, UIC, DIN, ASTM, and AS standards.

Our products range are as following:

Forging and  Stamping Parts:

Rail Clip, Clamp, Screw Spike, Track Bolt,

Nut, Washer, Pin

Plastic Injecting and Rubber Parts:

Plastic Dowel, Nylon Insulator, Rail Pad

Casting Parts:

Railway Shoulder, Rail Anchor, Base Plate,

Brake Block

Rolling Parts:

Fish Plate, Steel Rail, Steel Sleeper


Structural and Alloy Steel

 (20#, Q235, 35#, 45#, 50#, 55#, etc)

Track Bolt, Screw Spike, Nut, Fish plate, Steel Rail, Clamp

Spring Steel (60Si2Mn, 60Si2Cr, 65Mn, etc)

Rail Clip, Nabla Clip, Spring Washer

Cast Steel (ZT500-7, QT450-7,QT400-18 ZG235-500 etc)

Base Plate, Shoulder, Anchor, Brake Block

Plastic( HDPE, PA66, Nylon, EVA)

Dowel, Insulator,Railway Pad

Rubber (Synthetic Rubber, Natural Rubber)

Rail Pad


Quality Control & Inspection:

Our production system runs according to  ISO9001:2008 quality standard.


Each batch of products are attached with a tracing card(bar code), identifying the oven number of the heat treatment and flowing information such as amount, dates from the very beginning.Products will be inspected by physical Properties and Chemical Analysis Testing; Dimensional Measurement , Hardness, Thickness of Coating, Salt Spray Test Report , Chemical Composition, etc